How do I restart a workout plan that I'm following?

If you missed a scheduled workout, restarting the workout plan is the best way to get back on track. When restarting the workout plan, you can choose the workout that you missed, so you can easily pick up where you left off. Here's how to restart a workout plan:

First, locate the workout plan that you wish to restart. You can find your current workout plan under the "Me" tab of your Dashboard

To restart your current workout plan, hover over the plan under the "My Current Workout Plan" header. Then, click "Stop Plan" and the plan will be removed from "My Current Workout Plan."

Continuing from the "Me" tab of your Dashboard, scroll down to "My Recently Followed Workout Plans," and click on the workout plan that you just unfollowed. From the plan's homepage, click "Start This Plan."

A pop-up window containing plan details will appear. In that window, look for "Choose first workout." Click the drop-down box directly to the right of the heading and select the workout day that you missed. Then click the"Next Step" button to proceed with customizing the additional details if needed.

The workout plan will be re-added as your current workout plan. Then, when you're ready to log a workout, you will automatically start with the workout that you missed.