How do I edit my workout schedule?

To edit the workout schedule for your current workout plan, head over to the "Me" tab of your Dashboard first. Within that tab, locate "My Current Workout Plan." Then hover over your current workout plan.

From the list of options, click the "Change Scheduled Days" button. Then a pop-up window will appear.

In the pop-up window, look for "Schedule your workout days." Then select the days that you wish to workout on. 

Please note that certain days are selected by default. However, you can easily change those days. All you need to do is deselect the default days.

Once you have chosen a new workout schedule, click "Next Step" (see image above) to proceed to the confirmation screen. Your new workout schedule will be saved and applied to your current workout plan once you click the "Start Plan!" button.

Don't forget to opt-in for workout reminders before updating your workout schedule. Workout reminders are helpful and do not require any effort on your part. We will send you an email reminder on the days that you have a scheduled workout, so you'll never miss a workout!