How do I log my FitThrive workouts?

This guide will demonstrate how to log into your Fit Thrive account, and schedule and log a workout from the Computer or the Mobile App.

Step #1: Schedule your Fit Thrive workout program.

Click "Log In" and select Fit Thrive Programs in the upper right-hand corner of FitThrive.com.

Step #2: Click the "Me" tab.

Once logged in, you will be taken to your Journal where you will click "Me" to view "My Workout Plans." You will see the workout programs you have access to.

Step #3: Hover over a program and click "Start Plan" to be taken into the workout scheduling modal.

Step #4: Schedule your workouts.

  • Select the days you want to workout. Make sure to have enough days selected as recommended. 
  • Choose your start date.
  • Choose your first workout. Your first workout is selected by default so you will not need to do anything unless you are rescheduling a program.
  • Checkmark the Workout Reminders box, if you email workout reminders.


Step #5: Log your scheduled workouts.

From the Computer:

Click the purple "Log Workout" button at the top right of the home web page.

You will be taken to a workout selector where your scheduled workout will be selected by default. Click the "Select Workout" button.

You will be taken into the Fit Thrive web workout log where you will see your scheduled workout. Complete the workout and edit any information as you go. Scroll to the bottom and click "Log Workout" once complete.

From the Mobile App:

After logging in, you will need to select your workout by Tapping on the workout in the calendar view.

Tap on the first exercise. 

To view a video, tap on the video. Input your Reps. Tap "Next" to go to the next exercise.

Continue until the workout plan is finished! Congratulations, you just logged a Fit Thrive workout!

For more Mobile App help, please check out our Mobile App Support Guides here!