How do I update my body weight?

This tutorial demonstrates how to update your bodyweight using either the Exercise.com website or app. Click here to learn how to update your body weight in the Exercise.com app.

From the Exercise.com Website

Begin by clicking the "Log Workout" button on your Dashboard. Then, in the pop-up window, select the workout method that you used to complete your workout (click here for a full explanation on how to log a workout).

After filling in the details of your workout in the workout logger, scroll to the bottom of the workout plan. There you will find a section labeled "Workout Notes." Directly below the "Add Workout Notes..." text box, look for "Update Body Weight."

Enter your current body weight into the "Update Body Weight" text box. Then, after entering any additional information for the workout log, click "Log Workout" at the bottom of the page. Your workout will be logged, and your updated body weight will be recorded. 

To View Your Body Weight on the Website

To view your updated body weight, head to your profile page. From your Dashboard, navigate to your profile picture in the top right-hand corner, and click “View Profile.”

In your profile, your body weight will be displayed directly below your username. Your body weight will not appear unless you record it while logging a workout.  

From the Exercise.com App 

To update your body weight via the mobile app, start by logging a workout. First, tap the "Log" link at the top of your Dashboard. Then choose a workout method, and tap "Done."

In the workout logger, tap the "notes" icon in the menu bar at the bottom of the page.

From the "Workout Notes" view, enter your body weight into the text box. Add workout notes if desired. Then tap "Done."

Enter the stats from your workout into the workout logger. Then select "Log." Your updated body weight will be recorded along with your workout.

To View Your Body Weight in the App

To view your current body weight in the mobile app, select the drawer menu at the top of your Dashboard. Then tap your profile picture.

On your "My Profile" page, your current body weight will be listed along with your age and gender.

If you cannot update your Body Weight, send us an email through our contact form, and we'll fix the issue!