How do I issue a refund via Stripe?

To issue a refund via Stripe, first log in to your Stripe.com account. Then search for the customer's email on your Stripe dashboard.

Select the customer's email from the drop-down list, and you will be automatically directed to their client profile page. From the client's profile, scroll down to "Payments." Hover over the payment that you want to refund, and a "Refund" link will appear. 

Click on the link and choose a full refund or a partial refund. If you choose a partial refund, enter the amount that you wish to refund. Then click on the "Refund" button to process the refund.

Finally, send us an email from our contact form with the date of the refunded payment so that we can refund the associated payment fee.

The payment will be refunded and will be posted to the customer's bank account within 7-10 business days.