Here's how to create or update ProsperWorks contacts when they purchase a new plan.

*Note - You may want to change the quality of the video below to 1080p by clicking the gear icon and selecting the "1080p HD" option.


Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Click “Create This Zap” to get started. 


Step 2: Click the radio button for “New Plan Purchased” then click “Continue.”


Step 3: Choose your account or connect a new account then choose “Save + Continue.”

Step 4: Zap will confirm you have at least one workout created then click “Fetch.” 


Step 5: Select the radio button for “Create/Update Person” then click “Continue.”


Step 6: Select your account or connect a new account then click “Save + Continue.” 


Step 7: Fill out the appropriate information then click “Continue” (bottom right). 


Step 8:  Review the information then click “Sent Test to PropserWorks.”


Step 9: Toggle your Zap on.


Now that you create or update PropserWorks Contacts when they purchase a new plan, you can take advantage of the full features of ProperWorks with when managing clients.