Follow the steps below to enroll in the Apple Developer Program:

  1. Go to the Apple Developer Program enrollment page and scroll to the bottom to click Start Your Enrollment.

  2. Log in with your Apple ID and password.

  3. When asked to verify your identity, enter the verification code sent to your Apple ID email address and click Continue.

  4. Under Entity Type, select Individual / Sole Proprietor / Single Person Business from the list and click Continue.

  5. On the Contact Information page, enter your personal information in the provided fields.
    • The App Store will list your legal name as the seller.
  6. Select the checkbox at the bottom of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement and click Continue.

  7. In the Summary for Review page, review the information you have entered and click Continue.

  8. Review your purchase details. Under Automatic Renewal, select the checkbox to renew your membership automatically.
    • If you do not select automatic renewal, please set a reminder on your calendar (repeated yearly) to renew your membership every year. Your app will be removed from the App Store within 24 hours upon the expiration of your membership.
  9. When you are forwarded to the App Store, log in again with the same Apple ID and password.

  10. On the next screen, pay $99 with your credit card and click Continue.

  11. Accept the Terms & Conditions and click Continue.

  12. Follow the on-screen instructions until you see the Thank You page.
    • You have enrolled in the Apple Developer Program. You will receive two welcome emails and a payment confirmation email from Apple at your Apple ID email address.
  13. Email your Apple ID and password to the team.