Client workout calendars allow you to manage each client's workout schedule and make changes to the client's workouts or schedule without having to re-publish an entire workout plan.

Here are the basics when it comes to managing your client's calendar:

Importing Workout Plans

If you have already created a plan for a client, you can import that plan directly onto their calendar:


When importing a plan, you can choose the start date and scheduled workout days:


Customizing the Workout Schedule

If you need to adjust the schedule after importing the plan, you can just drag and drop workouts to rearrange them as needed:


Creating Single Workouts

If you don't have a workout plan to import, you can create workouts one at a time or copy workouts from other days on the calendar:


Bulk Workout Editing Options

You can also bulk manage workouts by selecting multiple workouts:


Then, choose the action that you want to take (Delete, Move, or Copy to a specified date / client):


Removing Workout Plans from the Calendar

To remove an entire workout plan that you have imported to a client's calendar, you can navigate to the Manage Client: Workouts tab and click the "Remove from calendar" link.

Start with the "Manage" icon:


Then click the "Workouts" tab, and you'll see the "Remove from calendar" link: