From the Trainer Dashboard, select the “Clients” tab. You will then be directed to the “My Clients” page where you will see a list of all of your clients.

From the client list, locate the client whom you want to add to a group. Navigate to the “Actions” column on the right side of the client’s information and click “Manage.” 

Then, from the "Manage Client" page, scroll down until you reach "Add client to group."

Click on the drop-down menu and select a group from the list. Once you have chosen a group for your client, select "Save Client."   

Once you have selected a group for your client, click “Save Client.” Your client will be notified that you have added him or her to a group.

Keep in mind that you can add a client to any of your groups, including groups which normally have a fee. If you add a client to a group with a fee, they will not have to pay for the group. However, if you want the client to pay for the group, simply send the client an invite message using the link just above the "Save Client" button.