To help you get your clients on board faster than ever, we've made it possible to add multiple clients at the same time!

You can click to add multiple fields on the "Add Client" view, or paste a comma-separated list - whichever is easiest for you!

Here's a quick overview, and you can check the steps below:


Step 1: Starting at the "Clients" tab of your Dashboard, click the "Add New Client" button.


Step 2: Click "add another" to display additional entry fields, OR click "add many at once" to paste in a comma-separated list of emails.

Step 3: Enter your clients' emails, then click the "Add Clients" button at the bottom of the page to create their accounts.

You can also set up Sub-Trainers, Assessments, or welcome messages for these clients at this time.


That's it! Now they all have been added to the platform and have received notification emails with their login information!