Here's how to set up Resources to add tags to Clients, starting from the Clients tab of your Trainer Dashboard

 Step-by-step instructions are below:

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Click the Clients tab on your Trainer Dashboard.

From here, you can select different ways of adding tags based on your situation. See further options below.


Option A:

To add tags to existing clients, select the clients and click the "+ Bulk Manage" link once you have selected all the clients. 


Then, add tags at the bottom of the pop up screen. Save changes. 


Option B:

To add tags to a new client, click the "Add New Client" button to the right of the screen.


Fill out the appropriate information, then add tags at the bottom of the screen. Save changes. 


Option C:

To add tags to one existing client, click the gear icon to the right of the client's name.


You will be directed to the client's profile page. Add your desired tags and save changes. 


Now that you know how to add tags to organize your clients, you are better equiped to customizing your service to all of your clients' needs!