1. To create a new group, navigate to the "Group" tab of the Dashboard and select "Create New Group".

  2. When creating a group, the following sections are the three main areas to consider:
    • Details
    • Settings
    • Payment

  3. Consider the following when setting up group details:
    • Group Name
    • Group Description: Enter a brief group description. Users will see this if they are not members of your group.
    • Why Someone Should Join?  Please enter the reason that people should join your group. Users will see this if they are not members of your group.
    • Group Membership Information: Group members will always see this on the group home page.
    • Group Welcome Message: New group members will see this as a pop-up until they dismiss it.
    • Group Image: If no image is uploaded, your default logo will automatically become the group image until edited.
  4. Consider the following when setting up group settings:
    • Customize your basic group settings:
      • Is this a private group? Checkmark if you want the group to be private.
      • Do you want total group workout stats hidden? If checked, this will remove the group workout stats bar.
      • Does this group exclusively use WOD format workouts? WARNING: this is onlyforcrossfit groups that use reps/rounds/time/Rx
      • Create group calendar? Checkmark this if you want all group members to be on the same calendar
      • Do you want admins to receive notifications for all new discussions? Checkmark if you’d like all admins to review notifications from the discussions
      • Do you want to prevent members of this group from messaging trainers? Checkmark if you’d like to prevent members from messaging trainers
    • Customize the group tabs:
      • Activity:  Shows all logged workouts of the group members to comment and high five
      • Discussion Boards: Have group members and admins engage with each other
      • Leaderboard:
      • Videos: Add videos to the group (ie. Welcome video, etc.)
      • Plans: Once you’ve added a workout plan to a group they will display here.
      • Resources: Create PDF documents, workout tips, ebooks, nutrition guides, etc. and add them to the group
      • Assessments: Create an assessment (under the Assessment tab) and add to the group
    • Customize additional settings:
      • Create new tabs
        • Resources - {VIDEO}
        • Videos - {VIDEO}
        • Workout Plan - {VIDEO}
  5. If you want to collect payment for the group, select the payments tab:
    • Decide your payment plan
      • Recurring: Add Stripe subscription plan under payment details (link out: HOW TO CREATE STRIP PLAN + HOW TO CONNECT TO STRIPE).
      • Lifetime price: Enter one time payment price (leave blank if not a lifetime group)
    • Where to find links (creating customized links for groups i.e. madeline moves).


You can edit these settings any time by returning to the Groups tab of the Trainer Dashboard and hovering over the group that you'd like to edit.