Before you can publish a workout plan for sale, you will need to connect to Stripe by going to My Connected Apps under the Account tab - How To.

  1. Once connected to Stripe, you can create or publish a workout plan for sale from either the Workout Plan Creator or the Plans tab.

  2. To create a new workout plan for sale, navigate to the "Plans" tab of the Dashboard and select "Create New Plan". Once you’re done creating your plan, you will be able to publish your plan with a price.

   3A. To publish a plan for sale from the Workout Plan Creator, click "publish" in the upper right corner of the page. Click "Publish Plan", and your new plan will be available for purchase!

   3B. To publish a plan from the Plans tab, click the Edit Publish Settings icon. Click "Publish Plan", and your new plan will be available for purchase!

   4. Important things to note when publishing a plan for sale:

  • Why Purchase: Describe why someone should purchase this plan. Sales copy will automatically show on the plan's sales page.

  • Plan Purchaser Welcome Message? : New plan purchasers will see this as a pop-up until they dismiss it.

  • Make this plan available on your landing page? Check mark this box if you would like to make this plan available on your landing page.

  • Checkout link: This link allows users to directly purchase the plan after it is published.