Here's a quick overview of how to create your very first Assessment - the step-by-step instructions are below. You'll want to start on your Trainer Dashboard:

1. Click the "Account" tab.

2. Select "Assessments" from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

From the Assessments page, you can review your created assessments and create new ones for your clients.

4. Select the "Add a New Assessment" button.

5. Enter a name and description for your new assessment plan.

Keep in mind that clients will be able to read what you enter here.

You can select different assessment fields as well; short answers, essay-like long form responses, checkboxes with options you create, and a customized drop-down menu.

You can choose multiple options to fully customize your assessment.

6. Once you're finished, click "Save Assessment" to publish your assessment.