Here is a handy shortcut that will allow you to assign new clients to a Sub-Trainer on your account by adding a unique sub-trainer identifier to the signup link. That way you don't have to assign clients to a sub-trainer manually.

Check out the steps below:


Step 1: To automatically assign clients to a sub-trainer via your signup link, start from your Account tab of your Dashboard, and scroll down to the "Sub-Trainers" tab.


Step 2: Click the name or username for the sub-trainer you want to assign clients to.


Step 3: Copy the Sub-Trainer's ID number from your browser's address bar.


Step 3: Plug that Sub-Trainer ID number into this custom link.

Now that you have the Sub-Trainer ID number, you just need to tweak your "Join" link a little bit.

It will look like this:

Replace "YOUR_USERNAME" with your username, and "IDNUMBERHERE" with the correct Sub-Trainer ID.

That's it! Now you can add the link to your web site, emails, social media, etc. and anyone who joins via that link will be automatically assigned to that Sub-Trainer!