Here’s how to customize the push notifications sent to your clients about their scheduled workouts, starting from the "Accounts" tab of your Dashboard.


Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Click on the “Account” tab of your trainer dashboard. 


Step 2: Click the "Customize Platform" tab.


Step 3: Click "Client Automation" in the top right.


Step 4: Add a new automation: "Upcoming Workout Reminder."


Step 5: Select the time to send.


Step 6: Select who to send to (all clients, clients with certain tags, or groups).


Step 7: Select email, in-app notification, or both.


Step 8: Optional: Enter a custom message - example: Don't forget your workout today!


Step 9: Finish editing and click the Save button.


Now that you can customize push notifications sent about scheduled workouts, you can easily and effectively engage your clients.