This tutorial will demonstrate how to find workout activities posted by other people, specifically people you follow. It is a great idea to follow other people's workout activities to get inspired to continue on and to find fun and new routines!

Click the link to view instructions for the app you're using:

Step-by-Step Guide:


1. From your Dashboard, click on the "Activity" tab.

From your Dashboard, you can find friends by clicking on the "Activity" tab. 


2. Select the "Following" option, so you see activity from the people that you're following.

To view a recent workout of someone you are "Following", click on the "Following" link and then click on their recent workout link.


Stay in touch and keep up to date on recent workouts by following friends, trainers, and workout partners!

Mobile App:

1. Tap the top left menu button from the Dashboard, then tap the Acitivty menu item. 


Now you can view all the current, sitewide activities that are being logged by users!


If you are having issues following users, send us an email through our contact form and notify us of the issue!