Following people in offers many benefits! When following someone, you'll be able to see their workouts on your Dashboard. 

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. From your Dashboard, click on the "Activity" tab.

From your Dashboard, you can find friends by clicking on the "Activity" tab. 


2. Make sure to select the "Sitewide" option, so you see activity from everyone on the site.

3. Use the search box to find your friends.

Now, use the search textbox to find friends! To search for people to follow, type in their username.

Be sure to enter 3 or more characters to narrow down your search selection!


If the person you are searching has a common username, scroll through the drop-down list to locate the correct person you want to follow!


4. Click their username in the activity feed to see their profile.

5. Click the "Follow button on their profile.

After selecting the person, you will be directed to their profile. Click on the "Follow" button below their profile picture to follow the user.


Congratulations! You are now connected to your friends on! Do not forget to invite friends to, so you can work out together!