From your Dashboard, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Then select "Plans" from the "Navigation" menu.

From the "Plans" tab, choose one of your Group, Trainer, or Custom plans, or scroll down and click on the "Other Workout Plans" section to look through our list of 300+ Free and PRO workout plans to find the perfect one for you. To narrow the list, use the "Filter" option in the upper right corner of the "Plans" screen.

Choose a workout plan that best suits your schedule and goals.

After you have chosen a plan, tap "Start" in the upper right corner of the workout plan page.

Then you will be asked to schedule your workout. Certain days of the week will be suggested, but you can adjust the days as needed. However, when scheduling the plan, try to follow the number of workout days that is recommended for the workout plan. When you have finished scheduling the workout plan, tap "Done."

The new workout plan will appear scheduled in the calendar on your Dashboard. When you're ready to log the workout, simply select it from the scheduled day on your Dashboard, and fill in the details as usual. Click here to learn how to log a workout.