You can now offer prospective customers the option to purchase a custom plan!

To create this Custom Plan link, you will need to follow the steps outlined below!


Step 1: Create a Product

Creating a product is the first step to selling a custom plan. A product will create a checkout link, which can be used as the "Custom Plan" link to advertise on your personal website.

NOTE: Be sure the Product has been check marked to assign to be able to assign workout plans to customers.

To create a product, please follow this guide!

Step 2: Add the Product link to your website

Navigate to the Product's page.

Copy the Product's URL

Step 3: Once a Customer has made a purchase, start creating a plan

Follow this guide to create a custom plan! Products use the same coupon codes as Coupons for Purchases.

Step 4: Once the plan is created, assign the plan to your customer

Or, you can assign the custom workout plan by using this guide.

Congratulations! You have created a product for sale, created a custom workout plan, and assigned the plan to your customer!