Assessments help you gauge your clients' success and adjust your plans to be more effective.

There are two ways to send an assessment to a client:

1. Assign a client to view an assessment via "Manage Client" view. (click to jump to these instructions)

2. Include an assessment with the client invite form.(click to jump to these instructions)

How to Send an Assessment from the "Manage Client" View

Step 1: On the "Clients" tab of your Dashboard, hover your mouse over the gear icon for the client you want to send an assessment to, and click the "Assessments" option.


Step 2: Select the assessment to send in the box under the "Assigned Assessments" heading.


Step 3 (OPTIONAL): Choose to include assessment reminders, and whether or not you want to un-assign this assessment once it's completed.


Step 4: Once you've chosen the desired assessment, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Client" to send the assessment.

They will receive a notification requesting that they fill out their new assessment.

How to Send an Assessment when Inviting a New Client

You can send an assessment when you invite your client to the platform. 

Step 1: Click the "+Add New Client" button on the "Clients" tab of your Dashboard. 


Step 2: Once your client information is entered, click the "+Assessment" button at the bottom of the page under the "Content Info" heading.


Step 3: Select the assessment to assign and whether or not you want to set up automatic reminders.


Your client will receive an email with signup instructions, and as soon as they are on board, they will be given the Assessment to complete!