Here's how to set up a coupon code within a URL on the Groups tab of your Trainer Dashboard, so your customers don't have to enter it manually. 

Step-by-step instructions are below:

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Click the Groups tab on your Trainer Dashboard.


Step 2: Find the group you want to add the coupon code for, then click the edit group icon.

For our example, we'll use a group membership.


Step 3: Find the "join" link for the membership that you want to automatically apply a coupon to.


Step 4: Copy the link, paste into the address bar, and add "/join?coupon_id=COUPONTEXTHERE"

Where we have the placeholder text (i.e., COUPONTEXTHERE), enter the coupon code you want in the URL. 


Step 5: Now copy the new URL created and share with your customers.


Now your coupon will show up on the Checkout page automatically:



Now that you know how to set up a coupon code within your join link, it's easier than ever to offer discounts for your memberships!