Here's how to set up a WOD Leaderboard for a group, starting from the Groups tab of your Trainer Dashboard

However, before you get started, you MUST have a calendar-based plan set up as the "auto-follow" plan for that group. Here's how to set that up.

Step-by-step instructions are below:


Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Click the Groups tab on your Trainer Dashboard.


Step 2: Click the "Manage Group" Icon for your selected group. 


Step 3: Scroll down to the "Group Workout Plan" header, and select the calendar-based plan you created for this group.


Step 4: Save your changes.


Step 5: To view your group's WOD Leaderboard, click the "View Group" icon from the Dashboard.


Step 6: Click the "Leaderboard" tab.


Step 7: Click the "WOD" tab, and select the WOD exercise that you want to see the Leaderboard for.


Now your group members can engage in a little friendly competition and have all of their workouts ranked on the group WOD leaderboard!