To easily view your individual group members' progress, you can set up an exercise-based leaderboard. 

To set it up, start from the Groups tab of your Dashboard. Simple step-by-step instructions are below. 

Step-By-Step Guide:

Step 1: Click the gear icon for the group you want to edit with a leaderboard.


Step 2: Check off the Leaderboard box under "Group Settings."


Step 3: Click "Save Group" to save changes.


Step 4: Click the box-with-arrow icon to view the group that now has the leaderboard you just set up.


Step 5: Click the Leaderboard tab.


Step 6: Click the Exercise tab next to the Totals tab, and search for the exercise for which you want to compare group members. 

As an example, we searched for "Push-Up."


Now you can see exercise stats for your group members!