You can set up a revenue share percentage for any Sub-Trainer that can connect to their own Stripe account (Admin Sub-Trainers and Level 1 Sub-Trainers only).

Once you have the revenue share set up and the Sub-Trainer is connected to Stripe, they will receive a percentage of the purchase when they sell a workout plan that they created.

The steps for setting up a Sub-Trainer's revenue share are below:

Step 1: Start at the Account tab of your trainer dashboard. Scroll down and select the "Sub-Trainers" tab on the left-hand side of the page. 


Step 2: Click the manage icon of the Sub-Trainer that you want to edit.

Find the "Trainer Revenue Share %" field, and enter the percentage that you want them to receive from each workout plan that they sell.

Then make sure to save any changes!

That's it! Now the Sub-Trainer will receive the percentage that you designated every time one of their workout plans is purchased.