Here’s how to access your Trainer Dashboard “Clients” tab to view measurement progress for multiple clients at once.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: From the Trainer Dashboard, click on the “Clients” tab. 


Step 2: Make sure you have clients tracking their data with measurement logs.


Step 3: Tag all the clients you want to monitor with a unique tag. Example: average client weight


Step 4: Navigate to the Dashboard overview, and click "Edit Dashboard View."



Step 5: Click +Measurements to enable the chart.



Step 6: Enter your unique tag and the field(s) you want to see active on the chart.


Step 7: Click Save + Reload to see the new chart on the Dashboard. 


Step 8: Click the "View All" link to see the options for adjusting the date range.


Now that you can view measurement progress for multiple clients at once, you can improve engagement and accountability.