To create a Stripe coupon, start by logging in to your Stripe account. Once you are logged in, select the "Coupons" tab from the "Subscriptions" menu on the left.

If you have not created a coupon previously, click "Create your first Coupon." However, if you have created coupon codes before, click the "+ New" button in the upper right hand corner.

In the "Create new coupon" window, decide whether you want your coupon to be a percent off or an amount off. Then enter a percentage amount or a dollar amount into the appropriate box.

Next, choose the duration of the coupon. For example, the coupon could be applicable for one month, multi-months, or forever.

If you choose the multi-months option, an additional box will appear and ask you to supply the number of months.

Create a unique ID code for your coupon. Choose a code that is easy to share and keep in mind that the code is case sensitive.

If you would like to limit the amount of coupons available, set the redemption box. Then if you want to limit the timeframe of the coupon, set a "redeem by" date.

Finally, click "Create Coupon." Your newly created coupon will be available for use immediately.

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