To continue receiving great training, a client needs to be consistent with the subscription payments. Some clients get behind on payments, or their payment fails to process. This guide will demonstrate how to configure your Stripe account to automatically handle failed payments.

From your account, click on the Account Settings option in the drop-down.

In your account settings, you will see a banner. Find and click on the "Subscriptions" icon.

From the Subscriptions tab, you will be able to configure the actions taken against failed payments.

Configure the options for failed payments. You can set up the subscription failed payment options to be strict or lenient. See below for examples:

Strict Example:

Lenient Example:

However, recommends that a subscription has 3 failed attempts before releasing a client. The default template in is the process we recommend should be used by trainers. You may configure the "retry #" to your preference, but please allow for 3 attempts to process payment. Approved Example:

A user will be removed from their membership based on the failed charge attempt settings a trainer has set up within

Congratulations! You have configured your account to handle failed payments.